Thursday, May 20, 2010

When She Left

Hey Guys! This was my entry that got accepted into Ballistic's Expose 8!

Below is a little back story that accompany's the image. Enjoy

All alone in the world. No one to call friend except Little Bernard, her stuffed monkey. She was all that was left after the great disaster.the earth was in ruins and the air unbreathable, her father made sure is little Anne would make it out alive , he said he would die before anything happened to her. Humanity ignored countless warnings that were said to be from an unknown civilization from ancient times. the warnings were said to be not credible " ancient civilizations don't exist" they said. Anne roamed around her town for days looking for any signs of life. One night Anne is fed up and frustrated and ventures out into the darkness of night even though her father told her not to. finally she gives up and goes back to the place she once called home, looking for any connection to when the past was alright. Suddenly The mysterious Gate appears behind her. she sees something emerge from The Gate, its shadow stretches out towards Anne. it reaches out to her. Anne doesn't know what to do , her father did not tell her anything about this.

This was my entry for the"When we left Earth" competition on

Done in Photoshop CS2, this image took about +- 15 hours over +- 2 months.

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