Monday, August 9, 2010

Time Travelers Guide:Stone age Rescue

Hey guys! I was awarded second prize for this Illustration !This was my entry for the "Time Traveler's Guide For Dummies" competition which was held on itsartmag .yay! happy happy happy!

Here`s a back story for the illustration.

This illustration is from a section of the Time Traveler`s Guide that tell you what to do when you encounter cavemen.They are simply simple minded and if you`re from a time period after them you are only the hottest commodity they've ever seen, especially if you`re a woman :)

In the early 1800s, time travel was made accessible to The public. now , not only locations but also time periods became big tourist attractions. Certain areas in the stone ages which were non accessible to the public (NAP) became popular mostly to explorers and scientists or the rich who could afford "portable time travel devices" (PTTD).Of course these operations were illegal . With this freedom the government was not able to control time travel to dangerous locations like the stone ages.The stone ages had became a hot spot for women going Missing.They were said to be kidnapped by cavemen.

On an expedition to the Stone ages, Miss Cannonfire`s personal assistant and friend ,Lisa, gets kidnapped by "dangerous Cavemen" and is taken to the place where the cavemen reside, a ship which miss Cannonfire believes is from far in the future.Miss Cannonfire goes to rescues her friend from the "dangerous cavemen".Lisa seems unharmed and at ease, if not happy. Miss cannonfire attempts to leave with Lisa when one of the cavemen becomes uneasy ,He looked lovestruck. Miss Cannonfire makes a break for it with her friend on her back and soon a chase begins . Miss Cannonfire is unaware that contrary to popular belief, the missing women usually have the time of their lives.

All crits and comments are welcome

Photoshop CS2 + Genius M609 Tablet.

Ill post wips/walkthrough thingy soon

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