Sunday, December 5, 2010

Badass Red Riding Hood concept WIP

Hi guys! This is an idea I had of a Badass Red Riding Hood. I started with a pencil sketch which you can find here and then I speed painted to work out my lighting and I'm currently cleaning it up at the moment.

Another speed paint for an action shot to work out my composition and lighting. I'm not sure whether to go with a werewolf or just a regular wolf . Let me know if you have any suggestions.


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hey Friends! I've been a little busy lately. This is just a Vampirella fanart for halloween. I painted everything in artrage except for the floor and a few adjustments which were done in photoshop. It's a little influenced by Frank Frazetta .
Cheers :)

Pencil sketch + ArtRage + Photoshop CS2 + Genius M609 Tablet.

Close Ups


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Expose 8 Released!

Hi Friends! As some of you may know ,Expose is a compilation of the Finest digital art in the known universe. I'm very happy to announce that Expose 8 has Finally been released and I'm very happy to be part of it. My work was selected for the book and you can find it on page 212 of the book and what's cool too is that you can also find my very very good friend Michor's work directly opposite mine. When I first started digital painting (about 3.5 years ago) Books like Expose were a good source of inspiration and at the time I never even dreamed of ever being part of any thing like it, now I'm simply just blown away that my work is featured next to many amazing artists. Thanks for all the support, guys! hopefully I inspire young and fellow artists to push on further .Go get a copy!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Power Suit Concept

Hi Guys! This is my latest art work. I was looking through some of my sketches and saw my first not-so-good attempt at this concept, so I decided to give it another try. I wanted to design a mech power suit that opens up to reveal a bad ass pilot and also a bit of what the in side of the suit might look like. Inspiration for this came from fighter jets and military trucks. With this I played a little with combining textures and textured brushes and also with the lighting and colour scheme.

All crits and comments are welcome.

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2

Topless version ;)

Close Ups

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Sketches

Hey guys! These are just random sketches I'd like to share.

These life drawings were done some time this week. Me,The legendary Michor and a couple of other friends got together at a book shop to not-so-secretly draw innocent passers-by : )

These ones here are just some random traditional concept sketches. Mostly each concept was done on A4 paper , I just put them together so I don't have to upload a gazillion images. Photoshop is awesome but the pencil is still by best friend. Besides I draw 10X more quicker with a pencil = 0 . these are sort of arranged in chronological order, the last one being the most recent. Enjoy!

A4 Paper + 2H pencil

Monday, August 9, 2010

Time Travelers Guide:Stone age Rescue

Hey guys! I was awarded second prize for this Illustration !This was my entry for the "Time Traveler's Guide For Dummies" competition which was held on itsartmag .yay! happy happy happy!

Here`s a back story for the illustration.

This illustration is from a section of the Time Traveler`s Guide that tell you what to do when you encounter cavemen.They are simply simple minded and if you`re from a time period after them you are only the hottest commodity they've ever seen, especially if you`re a woman :)

In the early 1800s, time travel was made accessible to The public. now , not only locations but also time periods became big tourist attractions. Certain areas in the stone ages which were non accessible to the public (NAP) became popular mostly to explorers and scientists or the rich who could afford "portable time travel devices" (PTTD).Of course these operations were illegal . With this freedom the government was not able to control time travel to dangerous locations like the stone ages.The stone ages had became a hot spot for women going Missing.They were said to be kidnapped by cavemen.

On an expedition to the Stone ages, Miss Cannonfire`s personal assistant and friend ,Lisa, gets kidnapped by "dangerous Cavemen" and is taken to the place where the cavemen reside, a ship which miss Cannonfire believes is from far in the future.Miss Cannonfire goes to rescues her friend from the "dangerous cavemen".Lisa seems unharmed and at ease, if not happy. Miss cannonfire attempts to leave with Lisa when one of the cavemen becomes uneasy ,He looked lovestruck. Miss Cannonfire makes a break for it with her friend on her back and soon a chase begins . Miss Cannonfire is unaware that contrary to popular belief, the missing women usually have the time of their lives.

All crits and comments are welcome

Photoshop CS2 + Genius M609 Tablet.

Ill post wips/walkthrough thingy soon

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun In The Sun Pin-up

Hey Guys! just a quick fun painting for the summer pin-up challenge on Itsartmag

This took a little longer than expected, roughly 2 hours or so .

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2.

Close Ups


Monday, July 26, 2010

Sister Mary And Her Nunsense

Hi guys! Another fun and personal painting. I posted a wip of this a while ago here. I wanted this one to feel like an action movie so I really had the option to play with its elements , and I just really wanted to draw a bad ass nun, lol! It's a little different from my usual humorous paintings so I put together something fun in the close ups which you can find below.

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2.

Close ups

Friday, July 9, 2010

Super Mario's Shoryuken

Shoryuken! ha ha, one of spell check's corrections of the word is "shortcake", lol!

Anyway, I remember running home from school just to play super Mario Bros. this is just another piece for my FFF (fortnightly fanart fridays) which might become Monthly Fanart Fridays.
I mixed themes with street fighter 4 with the smoke and ink splatter and all. doesn't it sound like they say "sure you can!"?

+- 8 hours

all crits and comments are welcome

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2

Talking with myself

Yes yes ,the man himself . A little birthday gift to myself.

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2


Just good old regular Superman

+- 1.5 hours or so

all crits and comments are welcome

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2


Hey Guys! this one was done for reference purposes, to practice lighting. I took a bit of creative license and added or replaced some of the elements from my reference. all crits and comments are welcome.

this took +- 2.5 hours.

Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2

DJ Goh Goh

What a realy cool character! This was an interesting fan art to do because i know very little about the character and each and every illustration of Dj Goh Goh Ive seen are different but yet still maintain the essence of the character .interesting. She belongs to John Bergerud.

This took +- 2.5 hours to colour

Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2

Bunny Ninja Trap

Another experimental piece on using reference for lighting. something i don't usually do but need to do more of .its all fun and games now but no one knows whats about to happen to Mr bunny there, All i can say is "yummy!" just kidding , he'll be cuddled to death

im not sure how long this one took.

Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2

Mojor Motoko Kusanagi

Motoko Kusanagi ! What a cool character . Definitly one of the most inspirational animes I've watched. Another lighting Experiment

I tried some different techniques this time. this took +- 8 hours or so.

all crits and comments are welcome.

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2

Poison Ivy

I decided to make her peacfull as opposed the her regular troublesome self. this one took longer than expected, about 4 hours to be exact.
More to come.

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2

Catwoman on the prowl

Just another fan art and lighting experiment coloured in about 2 Hours or so . I love Gotham Girls!

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2

Wonder Woman

wonder woman rocks!

this took +- 2 hours

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2

Josey in the Jungle

This is a character of mine called Josey. She's a real badass as you can see. This is what my drawing style is actually like, a bit more closer to realistic shapes. the cartoony stuff is just merely spreading my tentacles .
There's an ever so slight blur in the background, its something called a lens blur which blurs gradually into depth so the objects in the back will be more blurred than the ones in front or vice versa. I cant remember how long this took but it was done over 2 or 3 months

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2

'RRR' is or Rich

Hey Guys! Pirate Boobies! there isn't much to this. i try to do something new every time i paint something, like a different technique or type of environment, brush, style etc, This one was the environment , the cat and lighting .This was fun to paint and I'm mostly pleased with the results here and there.
im not sure how long this took but it was done over about 2 or 3 months

Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2 Rocks! take that you CS3 and 4 users

Bengal Love

Hey Guys! I did this one last year. Just a regular girl and her tiger boyfriend. I'm not sure what brought this on but it was fun to paint, the colours are just awesome together. this took about 8 hours or so.

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2

Chun Li Noodle Kick

Hey Guys ! its Chun li! eh, i didn't usually like doing Fan art because i felt that people already know these characters and they don't need to see 'em from me, but things have changed.
A lot of people don't really like her muscular legs but i don't mind , no one bit at all. i think anyone who can kick the crap out of a car or brick wall will definitely need some horse legs to do it.

this took about +- 4 Hours
All crits and comments are welcome.

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2

Bond Girl

I Started this one while waiting for a render, you can view the process here

Saving a planet

Just an old sketch I decided to colour. The sketch was from an Animation project a friend and I were to do for the WWF (world wildlife fund , not rick flair and his buddies) as a student project but we ended up doing something else.

Lilou 3D WIP

A 3D Model I made of Lilou. I haven't touched it in over a year. i'll revisit it some time in the futre, i was almost done with the modeling

Cassidy concept 2

This is just another Cassidy concept for my comic. this was a tutorial piece just to show my buddies how i colour and do things in photoshop. this was roughly about 3 hours or so. all Crits and comments are welcome.

Pencil sketch + Genius M609 Tablet + Photoshop CS2

Dragon's Fang's Punishment

A painting of one of my character called "The Dragon's Fang". This is just what happens if your one of her ninjas and you stuff up :D

Lilou and the Zombies

This illustration is for the first plot in Soul Force. Since the characters are inexperienced i figured what better opponents than zombies. The characters think the same but Will be in for a surprise

Lilou Concept

Lilou is one of the main characters in Soul force. The more fun side between her and Cassidy.

Cassidy Concept

One of the main characters From my project Soul force. With him every thing is always grand, like he would unleash his ultimate move first and not ask any questions.He represents the darker side between him and another main character called Lilou