Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Magical Finger Piano

Hi all! This painting is about a Zulu boy who hides the last remaining leopards from poachers in his magical finger piano, he releases them once the poachers are gone. In return they will have to train him to be a fierce and stealthy warrior like themselves. This was me entry for the Share One Planet competition.

Cheers, I hope you enjoy :)

Painted in Photoshop CS2


Woohoo! This was awarded

Close Ups



  1. Brilliant stuff, your best work I've seen!

    The tree looks fantastic, and it frames the whole piece really well!

    Great work mate

  2. Hi lee! Glad to see you're alive. Thanks dude, That means a lot :)

  3. Awesome stuff man!!!! Congrats on the award!! :) Oh and congrats on Expose 9 too :D

  4. Michor! Thanks dude, I cant wait for it to come out :)