Saturday, February 12, 2011

Imagine FX Feature!

Hi all! My first post of 2011 and there's no art to go with it , ha ha. OK, I do have some stuff but it's not ready to be posted yet . I finally got a copy of ImagineFx's Issue 65 which I'm featured in!!!. I'm on page 10 in the magazine, in the FXpose gallery allong with my artwork Sister Mary and When She Left :) It's been out for a while in the UK but we only got it here in South Africa about a week ago I think. Without hesitation, I bought the last 3 Remaining copies in the shop for me and my family. Thanks for all the great comments and support guys.

Cheers :)


  1. You deserve it, glad you finally got a copy! Keep posting man

  2. Thanks , Lee! yeah, It was like a 2 month wait, it felt like forever!

  3. Hey man!! Well done!! Now I need to locate a copy.